suffix forming adjectives and nouns corresponding to nouns in -osis, meaning 'affected with or producing or resembling a condition in -osis' or 'a person affected with this' (narcotic; neurotic; osmotic).
-otically suffix forming adverbs.
Etymology: from or after F - otique f. L f. Gk -otikos adj. suffix

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I. \\|äd.]ik, |ät], ]ēk\ adjective suffix
Etymology: Greek -ōtikos, from -ōtos, suffix used to form adjectives derived from certain verbs & -ōtēs, suffix used to form agent nouns derived from certain verbs + -ikos -ic
a. : of, relating to, or characterized by a (specified) action, process, or condition


b. : having an abnormal or diseased condition of a (specified) kind


2. : showing an increase or a formation of (something specified)


3. : of, relating to, or characterized by having a disease caused by a (specified) fungus


— often used to form adjectives corresponding to nouns in -osis
II. \\|ō]d.]ik, |ä], ]t], ]ēk\ adjective combining form
Etymology: Greek ōtikos of the ear
1. : of or relating to a (specified) part of the ear



a. : of or relating to an area having a (specified) spatial relationship to the ear



b. : of or relating to a bone having a (specified) spatial relationship to the ear



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an adjective suffix of Greek origin, often corresponding to nouns ending in -osis, denoting a relationship to an action, process, state, or condition indicated by the preceding element: hypnotic; neurotic. See -tic.
[ < Gk -otikos]

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suffix forming adjectives and nouns corresponding to nouns ending in -osis (such as neurotic corresponding to neurosis)
from French -otique, via Latin from the Greek adjectival ending -ōtikos

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compound suffix, repr. Gr. -ωτικός, f. ns. in -ωτ-ης, or adjs. in -ωτ-ος, from vbs. in -όω + -ικ-ός, -ic. Nouns of action from these vbs. are formed in -ωσις; hence, adjs. in -otic go in sense with ns. in -osis, -ose, as amaurotic, of, pertaining to, or affected with amaurosis; so chlorotic, cyanotic, endosmotic, exostotic, hypnotic, narcotic, neurotic, osmotic, sclerotic, etc. Some words in -otic are otherwise derived, as erotic, exotic, demotic (Gr. δηµοτικός), or are formed by analogy, as chaotic.

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